Greenlight CRM is a complete contact centre solution with unified telephony, agent scripting, CRM and more

Our contact centre solution means you don't need to invest in separate systems for inbound telephony, CRM, support ticketing, dialling and agent scripting and then pay to get each component talking to the others.

All you need is an internet connected workstation for each of your agents, and Greenlight CRM gives you everything you need to create a fully-fledged enterprise grade contact centre in one complete package.

Outbound Calling Done Right

Here at Greenlight, we believe outbound calling is still the best way to reach as many customers as possible, and the perfect approach combines productivity and professionalism. We've built our contact centre solution from scratch to ensure your agents are always busy, your business is always compliant, and all your customers’ details are right where you need them.

An end to spreadsheet horror stories

Other call centre software tends to run out of steam at some point. You’ll know when it has, because someone creates a spreadsheet and starts using it to store customer details. Which is fine until someone deletes half a row somewhere and suddenly your customer information all belongs to the wrong customer.

At Greenlight, we don’t believe businesses should run on spreadsheets, because we've heard too many horror stories like that one. Our contact centre solution gives you endless flexibility to ensure that your system never runs out of steam, which means you can stay as far away from that New Spreadsheet button as possible.

Remote Working Just Like Office Working

Greenlight's fully cloud-based solution means that your team can work from multiple offices, work from home, work from the garden, work anywhere they need to. All your agents need is a broadband connection and a USB headset connected to their PC in order to benefit from the full functionality Greenlight's call centre solution has to offer.

Of course, working from home comes with additional security concerns and Greenlight's multi-factor authentication ensures that only your agents can log into your system. Real-time reporting, live call monitoring and coaching, customisable agent dashboards and activity logging all come together to give you full visibility across your whole team, no matter where they are.

For more information on how Greenlight can make your call centre work remotely, click here

Booking appointments just got a whole lot easier

At Greenlight, we’ve been helping our customers book appointments through their contact centres for years. Once you’ve got an interested customer on the phone, we’ve got the experience and tools to make diary management a breeze.

To optimise your agents’ productivity, we only show them the best available appointments and let them pick the one the customer wants. We then send the booked appointments to the rep or surveyor, and once complete they can update the outcome of the appointment there and then from their mobile device, smartphone or tablet.

And because Greenlight CRM has a rich, flexible CRM system at its core, you’ve already got everything you need to track each sale from first contact through to completion and beyond.

Effortlessly Compliant Predictive Dialling

Our predictive dialler engine requires no configuration and no supervision. It simply optimises itself (every two seconds) to ensure that your employees achieve maximum productivity, your data is used as effectively and efficiently as possible, and you’re always operating within Ofcom guidelines. Easy.

Out of the Box Docs

If you need to create customised documents to send to customers, we’ve got everything you need built right in. Take customer details over the phone and merge them into document templates for e-mail or printing.

For campaigns that can take advantage of electronic signatures, we’ve got that too. Send customised documents via e-mail, see in real-time as they’re opened, read and signed, then get the signed document immediately in your CRM system.

All calls recorded. Forever.

With Greenlight, all calls are recorded from the moment the phone starts ringing, including transferred calls, and we make all recordings easily available from each customers’ CRM record as well as directly from your call reports. We don't impose any rules about how long we'll hang on to your call recordings, and we'll keep the recording for as long as you're a Greenlight customer, all at no extra cost.

A telephony solution for your whole business

You don’t just get call centre software with advanced telephony and CRM features when you implement a Greenlight contact centre solution. You also get a complete telephony platform for your business that includes all the features you’d expect from an enterprise telephone switchboard including call recording, voicemail, call queues, out of hours announcements, self-service call back requests, and much more, all set up to your own specification.

Keep your finger on the pulse of your business

Keeping everyone up to date on how close they are to achieving their targets is crucial to keeping your team focused and motivated. Greenlight's contact centre wallboard systems are customised for each of your campaigns and include animated score tiles and graphs, KPIs, real-time agent views and pop-up notifications complete with audio. 

33 reasons that Greenlight CRM is the best contact centre solution for your business

  • Call Centre Features
  • Telephony Features
  • Data Management
  • Management Features
  • CRM Features
    • Blended Agents

      Handle inbound calls as they come in and our predictive dialler will maximise talk time with potential customers the rest of the time.

    • Call Recording

      Full recording of all calls, accessible through your reports and CRM system. Includes recording on transfers to third parties.

    • Automated Compliance

      Comprehensive features to ensure compliance with all Ofcom and ICO regulations, so you can sleep peacefully at night.

    • Live Call Transfers

      Configure internal and external transfer destinations for conference and on-hold transfers with call recording available on both sides of the transfer.

    • Multi-site Operation

      Your Greenlight system is accessible from any location in the world. Use home workers or regional offices to target specific areas or combine your resources.

    • Multiple Dialling Modes

      Run your outbound dialling campaigns in preview, progressive or predictive modes according to each campaign's requirements.

    • Mystery Shopper

      Seamlessly create mystery shopper records and direct training and compliance testing calls to your QA team.

    • Regional CLI Presentation

      Present different outbound numbers depending on where a customer is located. Works with mobile numbers as well as landlines. £2 per additional CLI per month

    • Script Designer

      Customise every aspect of your agent’s experience including scripts, forms, prompts, call dispositions and more.

    • Campaign Voicemail

      Route inbound calls to voicemail out of hours or when the caller elects to leave a message instead of queueing.

    • Freephone Inbound Numbers

      Greenlight can supply 0800 numbers routed straight into your call centre campaigns or IVR system. A per-minute cost is charged for inbound calls to 0800 numbers.

    • Inbound Callback Requests

      If customers don’t want to wait in your queue, this gives them an option to request an automatic call back when you’re less busy.

    • Inbound IVR

      Greenlight CRM includes a complete enterprise level inbound call handling platform with in-queue announcements, IVR menus, and much more.

    • Itemised Billing

      Every month, you’ll receive a full list of every call made, how long it lasted and what it cost, as well as a set of analysis reports so know where every penny is being spent.

    • Out of Hours Call Handling

      Schedule an out of hours message or redirect for each campaign for when the call centre is closed for the day.

    • Data Deduplication

      Each record can be deduplicated according to your requirements when imported with a report listing all duplicate records on completion.

    • Data Recycling Rules

      Greenlight CRM automatically manages the process of recycling and refreshing your data according to your own criteria.

    • TPS Cleansing

      Have your data automatically cleansed against the most up to date TPS register on import and re-cleansed every night. £100 per month for as much TPS cleansing as you need

    • Website Integration API

      Import web leads directly into your CRM as soon as they’re submitted and queue them up for a high priority call.

    • Agent Monitoring

      Set up and report on pause and logout reasons, conduct silent monitoring and coaching, and view live and historical performance and attendance stats.

    • Customisable Wallboard

      A customisable wallboard complete with agent congratulation pop-ups, jingles, rotating reports and charts and more.

    • Real-time Reporting

      View agent activity in real time from any location. Combine with live silent call listening and coaching for full visibility.

    • Report Builder

      Design and customise reports exactly as you want them then publish them to the users that need them.

    • Scheduled Reports

      Sends automated reports so that your management team always has their finger on the pulse of your business.

    • Timesheets

      Track hours worked, absence reasons, holidays, and targets and use the figures to produce all the agent performance and attendance reports you need.

    • CRM Platform

      A powerful CRM platform, tailored to each campaign’s requirements and fully integrated with our call centre software and systems.

    • Customisable E-mails

      Set up e-mail templates including file attachments to be sent on demand, on a schedule or following selected call dispositions.

    • Diary Management

      A comprehensive appointment booking and management system for any number of field staff built into our scripting and CRM.

    • Document Generation

      Generate custom PDFs populated with customer details for print or e-mail. One-off £50 set up fee per document

    • Electronic Document Signing

      Our document signing engine means you can e-mail documents to be signed electronically in a fraction of the normal time and cost. £50 set up fee per document, no charge to send or sign

    • Internal Messaging and Memos

      Send messages and memos between your colleagues and track who has read them and when.

    • SMS Messaging

      Send customised text messages to customers on demand, on a schedule or following selected call dispositions. Additional costs for each message part sent - call for current prices

    • Work Items / Ticketing

      Greenlight includes a full work item management system helping you log, assign, and resolve support tickets, maintenance jobs and to do lists.

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