Greenlight CRM call centre software comes with flexible monthly licensing so you only ever pay for what you need

Our flexible month-to-month licensing plan means you only ever pay for the call centre seats you use. Only agents that are taking or placing calls at the same time count towards your seat count, so team leaders, administrators, managers and field reps all access your Greenlight system for free.


  • Seat Count
    Monthly cost Per Seat
  • 6 - 12
    £99 per seat
  • 13 - 24
    £89 per seat
  • 25 - 39
    £79 per seat
  • 40 - 54
    £69 per seat
  • 55 - 69
    £62 per seat
  • 70 - 84
    £57 per seat
  • 85 - 99
    £52 per seat
  • 100 +
    £49 per seat

OK, so what do I get?

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Included as standard
Optional Extra
  • Call Centre Features

    • Blended Agents

      Handle inbound calls as they come in and predictively dial potential customers the rest of the time.

    • Call Recording

      Full recording of all calls, accessible through your reports and CRM system. Includes recording on transfers to third parties.

    • Automated Compliance

      Comprehensive features to ensure compliance with all Ofcom and ICO regulations, so you can sleep peacefully at night.

    • Live Call Transfers

      Configure internal and external transfer destinations for conference and on-hold transfers with call recording available on both sides of the transfer.

    • Multi-site Operation

      Your Greenlight system is accessible from any location in the world. Use home workers or regional offices to target specific areas or combine your resources.

    • Multiple Dialling Modes

      Run your outbound dialling campaigns in preview, progressive or predictive modes according to each campaign's requirements.

    • Mystery Shopper

      Seamlessly create mystery shopper records and direct training and compliance testing calls to your QA team.

    • Regional CLI Presentation

      Present different outbound numbers depending on where a customer is located. Works with mobile numbers as well as landlines.

      £2 per additional CLI per month

    • Script Designer

      Customise every aspect of your agent’s experience including scripts, forms, prompts, call dispositions and more.

  • Telephony Features

    • Campaign Voicemail

      Route inbound calls to voicemail out of hours or when the caller elects to leave a message instead of queueing.

    • Freephone Inbound Numbers

      Greenlight can supply 0800 numbers routed straight into your call centre campaigns or IVR system

      A per-minute cost is charged for inbound calls to 0800 numbers

    • Inbound Callback Requests

      If customers don’t want to wait in your queue, this gives them an option to request an automatic call back when you’re less busy.

    • Inbound IVR

      Greenlight CRM includes a complete enterprise level inbound call handling platform with in-queue announcements, IVR menus, and much more.

    • Itemised Billing

      Every month, you’ll receive a full list of every call made, how long it lasted and what it cost, as well as a set of analysis reports so know where every penny is being spent.

    • Out of Hours Call Handling

      Schedule an out of hours message or redirect for each campaign for when the call centre is closed for the day.

  • Data Management Features

    • Data Deduplication

      Each record can be deduplicated according to your requirements when imported with a report listing all duplicate records on completion.

    • Data Recycling Rules

      Greenlight CRM automatically manages the process of recycling and refreshing your data according to your own criteria.

    • TPS Cleansing

      Have your data automatically cleansed against the most up to date TPS register on import and re-cleansed every night.

      £100 per month for as much TPS cleansing as you need

    • Website Integration API

      Import web leads directly into your CRM as soon as they’re submitted and queue them up for a high priority call.

  • Management Features

    • Agent Monitoring

      Set up and report on pause and logout reasons, conduct silent monitoring and coaching, and view live and historical performance and attendance stats.

    • Customisable Wallboard

      A customisable wallboard complete with agent congratulation pop-ups, jingles, rotating reports and charts and more.

    • Real-time Reporting

      View agent activity in real time from any location. Combine with live silent call listening and coaching for full visibility.

    • Report Builder

      Design and customise reports exactly as you want them then publish them to the users that need them.

    • Scheduled Reports

      Sends automated reports so that your management team always has their finger on the pulse of your business.

    • Timesheets

      Track hours worked, absence reasons, holidays, and targets and use the figures to produce all the agent performance and attendance reports you need.

  • CRM Features

    • CRM Platform

      A powerful CRM platform, tailored to each campaign’s requirements and fully integrated with our call centre software and systems.

    • Customisable E-mails

      Set up e-mail templates including file attachments to be sent on demand, on a schedule or following selected call dispositions.

    • Diary Management

      A comprehensive appointment booking and management system for any number of field staff built into our scripting and CRM.

    • Document Generation

      Generate custom PDFs populated with customer details for print or e-mail.

      One-off £50 set up fee per document

    • Electronic Document Signing

      Our document signing engine means you can e-mail documents to be signed electronically in a fraction of the normal time and cost.

      One-off £50 set up fee per document, no charge to send or sign

    • Internal Messaging and Memos

      Send messages and memos between your colleagues and track who has read them and when.

    • SMS Messaging

      Send customised text messages to customers on demand, on a schedule or following selected call dispositions.

      Additional costs for each message part sent - call for current prices

    • Work Items / Ticketing

      Greenlight includes a full work item management system helping you log, assign, and resolve support tickets, maintenance jobs and to do lists.

More bang for your buck

Included your seat price is everything you need to equip your business with a blended call centre platform, a rich, integrated CRM system, and an enterprise-grade telephone system all set up to your meet your business requirements.

You also get all the support you and your colleagues need and a system that can rapidly adapt to changes in your business requirements without incurring any additional costs.

All that, and we’ll throw in all future features and updates, which we’ll automatically add to your system as soon as they’re released.

Want to buy outright?

For more information regarding lifetime licensing, just call our enquiries number and we’ll run you through a quick quote.

Telephony Costs

At Greenlight, we don’t bundle telephone costs along with our agent licenses, because we believe in only charging you for what you use. Our telecom rates provide you with a simple, low cost for calls, with no gimmicks or hidden charges, and every month you get a fully itemised bill showing you exactly what you’ve been charged for every single call.

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